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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a via ferrata?
    A via ferrata (or 'iron road' in Italian) is a protected mountain path consisting of a series of rungs, rails and cables embracing the rock face. It allows access to scenic sections of the mountains that are typically available only to rock climbers and mountaineers. The exhilaration, breathtaking scenery and sense of personal conquest you experience on a via ferrata are guaranteed to give you something to smile about for a long time.

  2. Is via ferrata the same as rock climbing?
    No, via ferrata is not the same as rock climbing. Although they both occur in the same area and the same environment, via ferrata climbing is easier than rock climbing and do not require you to have any previous experience.

  3. What is Mountain Torq?
    Mountain Torq is the world's highest and Asia's first via ferrata that starts at 3,200m and ends off at 3,800m above sea level on Mt Kinabalu in Sabah. Mountain Torq enables climbers and non-climbers to experience the thrill of mountain climbing while taking in the spectacular surroundings.

  4. Who can climb Mountain Torq?
    Climbers and non-climbers aged between 10 and 70 who are fit and healthy, not afraid of heights, and want to experience the mountain in a whole new way. Oh and by the way, you also have to be at least 1.3m tall.

  5. Do I need any climbing experience?
    Absolutely not! If you can climb a ladder, you can climb Mountain Torq.

  6. Is there someone to guide me?
    Yes, you and your group will be assigned a Mountain Torq trainer. Our trainers are there to give you a full safety briefing and training on how to use the safety devices. They are also there to climb with you, provide tips on how to negotiate the more difficult obstacles, as well as highlight some of the spectacular sights along the way.

  7. Can I climb the via ferrata without a Mountain Torq trainer?
    Sorry, but due Sabah Parks' regulations, a Mountain Torq trainer is required to accompany you at all times.

  8. Is the Mountain Torq trainer only for me / my group?
    You will have to be prepared to join other via ferrata climbers.

  9. What is the maximum number of people who will be climbing the via ferrata with me?
    The maximum will be 10 for Walk the Torq and 6 for Low's Peak Circuit / The Preamble.

  10. What time do I start my via ferrata activity?
    Our start time is between 5:30am to 7:30am.

  11. What other activities are there besides via ferrata?
    You can enjoy a whole host of other outdoor activities that Mountain Torq offers such as sports climbing, alpine rock climbing, rappelling and basic mountain experience.

  12. Where do I meet my Mt Torq trainer for the activities?
    We will meet you at Pendant Hut on the first day and we will advise you on the actual meeting point for your chosen activity during your briefing session in the afternoon of your arrival.

  13. Do any of your services include taking me up on the via ferrata before the break of dawn?
    We do not bring clients up on the via ferrata before day break due to safety concerns.

  14. Can I bring my own camera?
    Yes you may, but you'll have to keep your camera inside a backpack runs the risk of dropping onto and injuring fellow climbers below. We will advise you on areas where it is safe for you to bring out your camera to take photos. We also suggest that your camera is fixed to a safety sling or cord at all times.

  15. What does the via ferrata activity package include?

    • Free rental of all safety devices: harness, lanyard, helmet
    • Via ferrata familiarization for all participants
    • Guiding services of our activities trainers